Sunday, November 13, 2005


I'm a little puzzled that my post partum weight loss seems to have stopped. Previously, with nursing, I could eat a ton of food and still have the weight fall off me. Now I'm stuck 15lbs over where I want to be. Ok, so I started out Nic's pg 10lbs over my usual weight due to an emotional trip to Australia. But come on...or come off I should say! I walk 30-60minutes most mornings in addition to feeling busy all day. I've been eating well. So why isn't it working?

What has been the best way of eating for me in the past? Simple, low-fat, vegan food, with a high percentage of fresh fruits and veges. Following the 'Fit for Life' Natural Hygiene plan worked well for several years, though I was probably a bit too disciplined with it at times by denying myself food. Eating only raw foods also worked for me but it consumed me mentally. I'm not going to try to follow any particular plan. I'll use a combination of Natural Hygiene, Ayurveda and intuition to create my own thing which will be enjoyable, simple, low-fat, mostly vegan with a high % of fresh produce.

I need to add in more yoga as well as the walking. The yoga will help to strengthen and stretch my muscles. Maybe some pilates as well. I don't feel like going back to weight training. I loved it in the past. But I need more gentle things now. Yoga and pilates can do the job.

My focus needs to be on health, not weight. In letting go of that issue, perhaps I can let go of the pounds too. Cary certainly isn't upset by the way I look. He's more attracted to me now than ever. I recently was talking about a picture of an angelic goddess and he told me that I should look in the mirror to see that. Awwww - what a sweetheart!

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