Thursday, May 25, 2006

School vs Life!

When the local school let out for the summer last year, the local paper interviewed some of the middle school kids. One of them was so excited about the summer break because "now we don't have to learn anything". That comment stayed with me and I thought how very sad it was that she had that view about learning.

I recently overheard some traditional homeschoolers talking and one had said how that were finished with their lessons for the year. Again, how sad.

People, the learning and the lessons NEVER end!

I am so happy that we are living the life-learning route in our family. Our children are free to pursue the things that interest them, they enjoy learning from living their lives. They do not see learning as a chore but they are excited with every new discovery. Oh that more children could have this opportunity!

If ever my kids had to go to school, or really wanted to, I would consider some kind of alternative school - Sudbury first, Waldorf second. But those schools are not everywhere. And luckily, my children do not want to go to school. (at the moment)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Life is Good!

I am very content with life at the moment. We are finally dialed in to our plan to move out of the USA. We are going full steam ahead on Cary's Immigration Visa to Australia. Planning on spending some time in Panama before heading down under.

Cary's finally realised that quality of life is a priority. He's been looking at the obit's in the paper and seeing how young so many people are when they died. I think it kind of scared him into living more fully. He will be 50 in December and wants to live the lifestyle that we talk of so often - by the beach, growing our own veges, working enough to be quite comfortable, and being in a more laid-back area. It feels so right now to proceed with this, like it's what we're meant to be doing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mama's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. We had a perfectly lovely day. My family presented me with hand-made cards from each of them (Cary helped do one from Nicholas). We went back to the Henderson ArtFest as I wanted to exchange a ring I had bought there the day before. I usually buy myself a little something for mother's day. Why not? I can appreciate all that I do in my role as a mama. It's nice to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes.

We went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. I like the salads there but for some reason, towards the end of the meal, I always feel like I have to rush. Maybe it's the company I go with. The kids are always back and forth getting another slice of pizza or a muffin or whatever. After that, we went an hung out at the big water park which was just a zoo - sooo many people. At least the water there is warm unlike the local water park that has freezing cold water.

I love being a Mama. I love each of my children. I am so blessed!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So Grateful

Ah yeah, I'm feeling much better today. I really do feel thankful for my life. Even if I'm not living in the area that I want (near the ocean!), I am living the life I want. My children and I are free to live and explore and enjoy. If we were to move to Australia, would we still have this? Would I be pressured to put the kids in school and get a job? I think I'd miss what we have here. I would like a little more adventure though. I love to travel and have done so little of it compared to what I would like. But hey, count my blessings. We are planning several trips later this year. We'll see. So often we plan things that just don't happen. I get so attached to those plans that I end up disappointed when they fall through.

We really are so lucky. We have so much that we just take for granted. Food in the house, Air conditioning, Electricity, Clothes, Vehicles, ...just for some basics. Then there's Love, Freedom, Creativity, Knowledge, Connection with others etc.

I would like to do more, and I am working on doing more to be a positive influence. I am the stone that creates the ripple. I am one of many that are conscious of the shifts towards a more peaceful earth. I am an important part of the whole of the human race. God does not make mistakes. My life is just as important as yours. We are One.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So ordinary

I feel so bloody ordinary. What have I done that's wonderful? Made a difference? Inspired others?

When I was a child, I always felt different, like I had a very special job to do. So here I am, 41 years old and what? What have I done with my life? Yeah, yeah, lots of things. But it's not enough. I feel unfulfilled. What's missing?

I tried talking with Cary about this and he just tries to fix things. Which is very nice, but not what I need. I need to talk about it and try to find my own way through this. So I guess I'm back to blogging.

Maybe for now, I need to focus on the needs of my own family and appreciate all of the things I do have. Gratitude and Service seem to be a little low in my life at the moment.

"To the world you may be only one person, but to one person you may be the world." I need to remember the important role I have in the lives of my children.

What kind of validation am I looking for? Am I not starring enough in my own life that I feel I need to have a "more important" job outside of the family for that financial reward and recognition?

I don't know, I'm just frustrated right now. I want to do more. Maybe I need to be more first.