Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm not very good at posting photos, I'll have to play around with it in all my spare time (ha!).
The first photo was taken during Sami's school play. She's 3rd from the right, playing a recorder. The play was performed in her classroom. If you look out the window you'll get an idea of how green it is around there. The walls of the classroom are stone, the floors are wood, the roof is corrugated steel, painted with special heat reflecting paint. One end of the room has a large circular rug and lovely wooden and cloth play toys and musical instruments on one side, and big cushions for sitting and reading on the other side. Up the other end of the classroom are the wooden desks with ergonomically designed chairs and a large chalkboard. Outside of the classroom is a verandah with two large low tables for messy craft projects or for eating at, and pegs to hang backpacks and hats. The children all remove their shoes before entering class as part of the transition from outside time to inside time. When inside, they can go barefoot or wear slippers in cooler weather if they want to.
The second photo is our new home in Moonee Beach.
I'll post more photos soon.

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Justine said...

Oh, Yippeee!!! You're back! Just popped in to check and bing! there you were! Missed you, and glad to see the beautiful picks...can I come live with you:-)?!