Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Out, In, On, Over

We are out of the house, we are in the camper, we are on the road and over the moon!

Oh my golly, it was such a massive effort to sort through our stuff, do the yard sale, pack the stuff going into storage after figuring out what's coming with us, take the stuff to the storage unit (we still have to rearrange that but it can wait a few days), get the camper set up with our stuff and then clean the house. I have no desire to do that again! Whenever we would bring things to the camper, I just did not want to go back to the house. But it's done now, with many many thanks to our good friends Tracey & Dany & Mel that came to help clean and pack and brought us dinners. Fantastic! We love you guys!

We are so ready for this. In the past, we've spoken about doing it, but we just weren't mentally ready for what it's required to take this step. We've only had 2 nights in the camper, but I love it. I love having less stuff, I love being outdoors most of the time, I love the friendly community in the caravan park - other travellers are so helpful and friendly, I love sleeping closer to nature - with just canvas walls rather than brick. The kids have adapted to it so easily - loving the playground and the pool (even though it's a bit too cold for Cary & I to swim, they don't seem to mind), meeting kids from other countries.

It will take us a little while to fine tune the process, but we are really happy about how it's going. Even though we haven't actually left the area, it feels like we're on the road as we're planning our next places to visit, and are living as we will "OTR".


Miranda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now, I get to live vicariously through your adventures! Have fun!!

PeacefulGoddess said...

Your getting NAKED! I am sooo excited for you! I am also sooo envious I want to shed the stuff and live on the road. Blake told me today that when it is just him and I he definately will live on the road. Now I just have to move it up 10 years.

Loves and misses you,