Monday, August 20, 2007

Wet, wavy and wild!

It's been raining for 1.5 days now, non-stop. Yesterday it was just 'rain'. Today it is 'heavy rain'. It's a good test for our camper and our patience. Actually, our patience has been doing very well, it's interesting and exciting living so close to nature.

We took about one second to get used to living in the camper and we love being outside most of the day. In the morning I take my yoga mat outside and do yoga watching the sun rise and the birds wake up. We've been spending the majority of our time outside. The campground has outdoor sinks (as well as some inside the big camp kitchen) where we like to do our dishes. It's so great to not be confined to doing things like that indoors.

Yesterday during the gentle rain, Nicholas got some of his toy motorbikes and sat on the edge of the grass playing with his toys in a nice big puddle, totally not minding that he was getting rained on, just enjoying the moment.

The day before that, one of the other visitors here, who is a hairdresser, came over to our place and gave the kids and I a haircut as we sat outside enjoying the day. The new cut together with the wet weather has given Sami and I very wavy hair. Mine feels wild and I love it!

One of the things we love about our pop-top camper is the huge windows it has. We feel so close to nature, even if we're inside. I was lying down with Nicholas today as he drifted off into his daytime nap, and I was so enjoying watching the storm outside - watching the trees dance with the wind and rain. The wild heart inside of me connected with the wild side of Mother Nature with an appreciation I've never had before. I put my hands against the canvas and felt the rain pelting down yet I stayed close, yet able to keep my little cub safe from the storm so he could sleep peacefully.

Another thing we like about the camper is the floor plan. It has a lot of seating with storage underneath as well as a sink, oven/stove, more cupboards and a little fridge. We removed the table from inside the camper as it opens it up more. We have an annexe as well which is like a huge canvas tent that attaches to the camper, effectively giving us another room. In there, we have a long camping table with a bench seat. This is where the kids have their art supplies, where we often prep our food and sometimes where we eat when we've got this rainy weather. We have a bar fridge which is about twice as big as the one in the camper that we actually don't use as a fridge as it's so small. We have another folding table that has our fruit bowl and other food stuffs stored on and under it. And under the long table are large plastic storage boxes with our clothes in them.

It's a good starter camper. It's easy and light to tow. The annexe makes it very spacious (well, for a camper that is). I'll post some photos on here when the sun comes back out. Cary is going to look into bringing a newer camper over from the US. They are sooo much cheaper there. We've been looking at ebay there to see the kind we would like. I don't know that there's any such thing as the 'perfect' camper, they all have pros and cons. It's a matter of figuring out our priorities and then going with what best meets those. As our children get older, I'm sure those priorities will change.

What's most important though, is that we remember to be ourselves - following our own interests while enjoying being a part of our family. Cary has been so calm and centered throughout this transition. His attitude of being in the Now, has been soothing during the many times when I started to panic about all that needed to be done. Sami and AJ have adjusted to this without any complaints - they see the adventure and excitement in it. Nicholas, well he's just happy as long as we're together.

Sami and AJ went back to school a few weeks ago after the winter break. As we "have to" give the school 4 weeks notice, or else pay for 4 weeks tuition, we chose to give notice of about 7 weeks, mainly so that Sami could have a decent amount of time to try the violin which they were just starting this term as well as staying here for the lovely Spring Festival at the school. Their last day will be 14 September which seems a long way off, but I'm sure it will go quickly. We're all looking forward to getting back to the Life Learning lifestyle 24/7.


Stephanie said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful. :)

PeacefulGoddess said...

I am so wanting to be stuff free "naked" I think I may have B talked into a trailer to pull behind my truck. I am so excited and I might be able to go to Europe with Sonja next summer for 1 1/2 months before we move to Texas in Aug 2008 I am so missing you!
Hope all is well and that your having a Blast!