Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ghost town

It feels a bit like a ghost town around here. Ever since school went back, the park has emptied out a lot. The new wave of visitors here seem to be families with small children, European families on an extended visit and young singles or couples.

I kind of miss the busy, crazy time with lots of kids around here. But this is nice too. I'm getting to see more of my kids again and we're doing more things together.

We've had a couple of cool, drizzly days here. Back to jeans and long sleeves. Two nights ago the wind was wild. I couldn't sleep for a while as I listened to boogie boards surfing up the road by themselves. Just adding to that ghost town feel.

Sami is enjoying having a more defined rhythm to our days. She seems calmer. It's probably good for the rest of us too.

Cary gets back here on Halloween. Yay!

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PeacefulGoddess said...

Ghost Town perfect for the Halloween Holi.

I love and miss you,