Tuesday, January 08, 2008

finding Balance (again)

The sun shone most of the day yesterday. We went swimming several times. Ran into some friends from the area we used to live. What a surprise to find that they are staying in the same caravan park as us! Had fun playing with old and new friends. I ate more fresh foods and fewer grains. Wondered what was niggling at me and realised it was a bunch of little jobs that I had set for myself and just not gotten around to as we've been too busy moving, looking for the next place to move to, dealing with the rain, etc. So I made a start of some of those projects and it felt good. Went out for a yummy mexican dinner with the family. The afternoon was much cooler and we enjoyed a long walk when we got home. Focused on where we are, the beauty, the grass around our camper that is littered with frangipani flowers, the birds and the spirited people I live with.

Woke up feeling great again. Did some yoga and dressed in a pretty skirt. Feeling sensual and wild. Feels gooooood....

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