Friday, January 04, 2008


At the caravan park on Bribie Island, Queensland, Christmas Eve. AJ was soooo excited because Santa came to visit - riding in the back of the little white pick up truck coming down the road behind him, all dressed in the red suit while the other people with him throwing candy out to the kids were dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

AJ got to talk to the jolly man. I have never either encouraged nor discouraged the whole Santa concept, I've kind of just left it up to the kids to ask questions if they wanted more info. This past Christmas, Sami asked me if I thought Santa was real. I told her I thought that Santa represented the spirit of christmas which was definitely real. She didn't ask any more questions but I could see her trying to figure it out. I let her know that I'd be happy to talk with her more but I think she wanted to believe in the magic for one more year.

AJ lost another tooth and was very excited! It's the 5th one he's lost.

Mr nature photographer, AJ, has taken probably 100 photos of his favourite birds. He has a knack of attracting them and has a lot of patience when doing so.

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