Friday, February 01, 2008

moving decision & glow-worms

I've spent a lot of time recently looking in the papers or online for a rental house. Then driving around actually looking at them or just looking for a general area we'd like to be.
Being near the city, the prices are pretty high and the competition is fierce. Most places get at least a dozen families looking at them. At least half of those put in applications and of course the family where both parents are working get the place.

I've been considering all of that plus the fact that we would have to buy all the things you need for a house - lounge suite, dining table, beds, fridge, washing machine etc. Long-term, fully furnished places are very rare. I realised that I just did not want to do that. We looked at other caravan parks and realised that we were already staying in the nicest one. We then looked at one of short term furnished cabins here in the park. Very nice, expensive, but not out of the question. We walked in and saw the big fridge, nice furnishings, proper bathroom, and one big box that it was all in. Now the fridge was the best part as we recently discovered some fabulous markets just up the road from where we are. Oh my golly - fruit and veg that smell soooo good and taste wonderful. Back to the cabin. We looked at it when it was raining so it did look tempting at first to have some extra space. But we couldn't get past the boxed in feeling so we decided to pass. We surrendered to our nomadic life and the freedom it gives us. We decided to make this life a little bit nicer so we moved to a new site that has it's own private bathroom. No more emptying the porta-loo, no more walking 5 minutes to have a shower. It's amazing how much we appreciate these little niceties. Our own flushing toilet and hot shower! woo hoo!!

This new site looks out over a beautiful green grassy area and gets a beautiful breeze. At this stage, we plan on staying here for about 6 weeks. That gives us time to do a lot of the city things, get our new camper sorted out and try out some of the different homeschooling groups.

We met with one hs group yesterday - a 'natural learners' group. Big group, it had a lot of teenagers in it and not so many younger kids. The group has been going for 15 years - so I guess it started when the current teens were tots. We all met at some caves about an hour away where there is a glow-worm exhibition. We learned a lot about glow-worms, like the fact that the females shine the brightest. Nicholas wasn't so sure about being in the very dark cave so we pretended the lights were stars and it was night time. The thing my kids remember most about the day was this little poem:
I wish I was a glow-worm
a glow-worm's never glum
'cos how can you be grumpy
when the sun shines out your bum!


Tara said...

Hahaha that poem is priceless!!

Anonymous said...

That poem just gave JB & I a great big dose of serotonin & we're still chuckling!