Saturday, March 01, 2008

moving in

We did it! It took 10 hours to move everything out of our old place, pack up two cars, drive to our new place (via the mall where we had to return some library books found during the packing and get a new game for the PS2), drop off the old camper, pick up the new, set it up and move everything in. I guess 10 hours isn't bad - if we were moving in/out of a regular house, it would be a process that would have taken days if not weeks.

Got to say, I feel so good being here. Even though we've had some drizzly rain and a lot of wind, my energy levels are way up. I feel like running and skipping and doing cartwheels! I love being next to the water!

Everyone we've met here - the locals and other travelers, have all been so friendly and helpful.

We do like the area and would like to stay here for quite a while. We got a PO Box in the area and drove past some houses for rent. Then we met a traveling homeschooling family and went in their big 5th wheel trailer. Oh yeah... I like that a lot. I could totally stay on the road with a much bigger rig like that! This would make a pretty good home base but we could take other trips from here depending on the weather and our moods.

Our kids have been enjoying the fact that there are a lot more kids visiting this park. And having 3 traveling homeschooled kids as neighbours is so much fun. Unfortunately, they will be moving on in a week. So we'll enjoy their company now and who knows, we may meet up with them again?! We spent this afternoon hanging out with them at the creek while the children all swam in a large area that has a big net around it to prevent the odd shark or other ocean critter from getting in.

AJ has found other things to talk about besides his non-stop conversations about the games on the PS2 and who was going to play what and how to do something and who was going to play first etc. He's been looking at the game manuals and reading them. I guess when you're so excited about something you can do anything - even teach yourself how to read!

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Nita said...

i like your take on life. you only got one chance to do it, so might as well make the most out of it. life, that is.