Thursday, March 27, 2008

quick update

10 days ago we packed up our nice little camp on the Gold Coast. We took a 4 hour drive south, set up camp again for 3 nights. We caught up with some friends, sorted through our storage unit, and called in at the steiner/waldorf school that Sami and AJ used to go to. Sami had left her recorder there so we had to go back. We happened to go there when they were having their autumn festival / harmony day celebration. The festival was lovely and it was nice to see some familiar faces and friends, but it was also nice to leave.

After a busy time there, we drove 3 hours south to my Mums place, in our camper, for 3 nights. My brother and his fiance and my sister and her whole family arrived later that day. We were hoping for a fun Easter weekend together. It was nice to see everyone else but unfortunately, my mother was stressed from the moment we arrived, building the tension to a peak the night before we left, directing her frustrations at me - saying that my diet and children are all too difficult and that she cannot "come down" to the level of how we live. Nice. So here's my diet: fruit for breakfast, salad and tortilla or bread for lunch, salad and veges with potato or rice for dinner. Snacks are usually nuts or a smoothie or hummus and seaweed crackers. I don't vary much from that except for a vege burger or maybe pizza every now and again. Very difficult. My children are young and spirited.
I'm not going to go into any more detail. It's just sad that she feels this way. We will not be going back there.

We packed up and left as early as we could and drove 3 hours north to the camp site we'd been at before. Set up again, caught up with friends and crashed out, emotionally drained. We were going to leave the next morning but decided a day to just 'chill' was in order so, after a little trip to storage and the shops , we did just that. Kind of necessary anyway as Nicholas came down with a fever for about 12 hours.

The next day, we packed up again, drove 4 hours north back to the spot where we'd been 10 days ago. Shortly after setting up, a massive storm hit with sideways rain and strong winds.

We have come to the conclusion that we just cannot keep doing this, this way. For a more comfortable life "on the road", we need a much bigger rig. We are going to look for a little house to at least get us through the winter and just see what happens after that.
I had surrendered into this lifestyle, I accepted all of the little inconveniences and worked around them, no longer getting impatient and frustrated. Lesson learned. Time to move on.


beemerchef said...

Are you referring to the California Gold Coast??? That magical beach were ourselves, Spirit and I spend about 10 days?... not enough! Let me know if so... I have some amazing pictures to share... well, really one that says it all.
And yes... give in to the Life on the road... as we have for almost two years now!
How did I get here?... from one comment to a Blog to another one to here! We are both Free Spirits... and I share my Life with Spirit, my sweet Pit! The name of your Blog drew me in!!!
Be well...
Ara & Spirit

Annette said...

Hi Ara & Spirit, I will check out your site. Thanks for your comment. We are actually on the Australian Gold Coast in southern Queensland. Love it! Love this life. Nice to 'meet' you!