Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is kind of a rear side view of our set up. I've been meaning to post these photos here for a while. Then we had a bunch of rain and I changed things and have kept changing things and they are much better now. The actual caravan / trailer is much roomier inside than it looks. The gazebo folds into a wheeled carry case smaller than a set of golf clubs. The white walls are a thin, but very effective (in keeping out rain and wind) material. We have walls all the way around and they have zippers in the center of each side. We only use one side as a door way, the side that joins the awning area. Because of all the rain we were having, Cary put up a tarp on one side of the awning and was going to put up a huge tarp over the top of the awning and out the front a fair way so that we could still look out, but the rain would not come in. However, constant rain and winds before he left prevented him from doing that. I have since put up a temporary wall angled out the front of the awning using an old tarp. I used spring loaded clamps to connect it to the edge of the awning and hammered some tent pegs through the holes along the edge into the ground. I thought that way I can just unclamp the clamps when it was nice weather (which is has been for the past 9 days in a row!!) and roll the tarp down and still be able to look out. But I actually haven't done that as there were a lot of people in the park due to school holidays and I liked having a bit more privacy as there were vans and tents blocking our view of the water anyway.

This past weekend was the Anzac Day long weekend and I have never seen the park so full. Only a few spots were vacant and they were probably from people who booked ages ago but couldn't make it at the last minute. There were no big motorhomes or 5th wheels (not that we get many of them anyway). There were a ton of tents, trailer tents (that pull out of a box trailer to provide hard floors above ground level and pull-out kitchens - very clever and many different styles), pop-ups like ours and regular caravan/travel trailers.

Summer rides a bike!!

At sea world. AJ on the left and Summer 2nd from the right.
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