Tuesday, April 15, 2008

life flows on..

Time has been rolling blissfully by. Even the rain (yes, more and more rain), and the wind do not bother me like they once did. I feel warm from the inside out. I have not been using the computer much at all which has been kind of nice. We've had some running around to do (although these days I do less running and more strolling at a leisurely pace) and our place seems to be a central hangout for a lot of the kids in the park which is a lot of fun.

With the fall here, my seasonal inner need to bake was singing out so I bought a little counter top oven which was immediately christened with two loaves of pumpkin-orange bread, much to my families delight. I'm not much of a cook and I prefer simple, mostly fresh foods. I don't like cooking dinner, but I do like to bake breads, and sometimes cookies. I only have that urge when the weather is cool.

Yesterday we got Nicholas a little bike from an op shop. He's very proud of his red bike and looking forward to riding with his siblings and friends.

We've experienced lovely connections with various people and families staying in the park recently. There's been a mixture of families here on school holidays and others here for a spiritual retreat at a large center across the road. Such and interesting mix of people that we all get to enjoy.

It's AJ's birthday tomorrow and Cary leaves for the US the day after that. I'm going to go and get the baking pans out!



Six Arrows said...

Happy Birthday AJ!! We miss you!

Earthmommy said...

Happy Birthday to AJ.

I really enoy reading your blog.