Friday, November 07, 2008

Wild Things

Why did all of the photos I just put in come on in reverse order to what I did them? Oh well.

We had a 50% off coupon to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I am not a fan of places with animals in captivity, but for the sake of education, especially for AJ who just loves animals and birds, I decided it was too good a deal to pass up. We looked out the window on tuesday morning. It was a beautiful day (though I should have checked the weather channel). So off we went.

The kids and a new friend. They loved the large kangaroo area as they could pat lots of roos. Unlike the wild roos we had living near us 2 years ago who would bound away if we got too close.

The kids got to hold a baby croc. I did too and was so surprised that it was so soft! Now I understand the attraction to its skin for shoes and other fashion accessories. (I certainly do not agree with it though.) It was just beautiful to hold. The kids also got to hold a snake and a possum but those photos did not come out very well. I could have purchased the photos their on site photographer had taken for $12.50 each ..cough cough. I don't think so. I'll stick to our blurry pics. I felt kinda bad for the animals that everyone was holding and what they must be feeling. Were they scared? Were they used to it and therefore ok with it? I don't know, but my kids now have a better knowledge of those critters.

This is a mama and joey. It is the same pair as in the next photo. Check out how squished in that joey is in the pouch. It's face and feet are hanging out, upside down. Comfy!?

This little train went around the park. It had about 7 carriages behind it that each carried 10 people. Of course we had to ride it quite a few times.

Kids pretending to be crocodile hunters.

During the eel feeding, many of these long eels came to shore to feed on day old male chicks from a hatchery. Which is what the guy is holding in the tongs. I almost threw up. The guy doing the presenting said several times "we get the chicks for free!!". Barf.

During the pelican feeding, we learned that the male pelicans get 'coloured up' at mating time. They get the blue stipe along their beak and some other blue bits and their feet and legs go blue as well.

We have these flowers growing on a tree in our backyard. They start out white and the colour changes to this dark pink and sometimes goes white again before going pink again. We did an experiment and put some blue food colouring in the water to see if that would change the colour of the petals, but it only went up the stem. Maybe if we'd left it in longer it would have gone further, but the flower started wilting.

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