Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Many blessings to you all for a joyful festive season and a new year filled with peace, love and joy.

We are enjoying the summer weather with lots of swimming and crafts and reading. AJ is happy that we have some extra guests in our house at the moment - baby geckos! They must have been in the roof and we've seen several in our bathroom so they are probably coming down through the heat lamp / light / fan. We recently had a baby blue tongue lizard in our back yard. It obviously wasn't well, but AJ cared for that critter for several days until it was still, and then buried him. We recently found a dead bat on the side of the road. It hadn't been there long as there were no bugs on it so we explored it for some time, felt it's thin leathery wings and the claws, stroked it's soft fur and felt a great tenderness for this mysterious creature of the night. So much so that we brought it home and buried it. AJ is such has such a sensitive side, he feels deeply for all animals and was very sad at the bat burial and the passing of his lizard friend.

Nicholas is more rough and tumble and into the smorgasbord of life, a joyful fellow who loves to do whatever AJ is doing or whatever else seems to be a good idea at the time.

Summer loves swimming and looking through cookbooks, playing her DS and singing. Last Sunday night she performed in the choir at a large Christmas celebration we went to with our regular Spiritual Gathering group. She's made a very nice friend through that group who lives just a few blocks away, and also homeschools.

All is well here.

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Fruity Green Family said...

Happy Days hope all is well I miss you and I love you all hugs and kisses!