Friday, February 27, 2009


Home is ..where? Sure I love it here. I love being by the ocean and in this beautiful area with lots of green bushland around.

As I was driving home from the tie-dying event the other day, as I drove through lots of farmland, I got to wondering....."Can I honestly live happily on a farm?"

There are so many wonderful things about the whole farm concept. I can totally appreciate the beauty of the farm areas.

But the place where I feel truly full - by the ocean. Sitting on the beach, or being in the water, I experience timelessness. I feel oneness. I feel...home.

In my vision for the retreat / farm, I had always imagined that it would be on a little hill with the ocean (not a river or a pond) directly below it.

I can have both. Now that I realise that, I will no longer look inland for a good place for a farm, but will focus my search only on the coast.

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