Monday, February 22, 2010

short update

I've got to admit, I'm not really into blogging lately. We've been really enjoying building real life community and our local homeschooling group for 'natural learners' is growing. Yay! The families joining are just amazing!

AJ recently started miniball which is like pre-basketball comp. They do skills and drills for the first half of the session, then they play a non-scoring game for the second half. He loves it!

Summer is still cruising along in summerland. We've been working with a wonderful naturopath to help Summer find balance more often and it's working...she has more energy and seems brighter within herself. She's supposed to stay away from gluten but that has proven to be reallllly difficult so far.

Nicholas is still mr happy / cheeky / crazy guy. That boy has so much joy in him!

Cary is dealing with the red tape to get the 3 campers and 2 boats ready to sell over here. It's taking longer than we thought it would, but hopefully we'll get something sold soon. Cary has also just joined Rotary and is looking forward to being more involved in that.

Our main computer has been out of action for several weeks, and no, I didn't do regular back ups. I know now to do that! Sheesh. Something else to think about. So right now I'm using the kids dinosaur computer which is another reason I haven't been blogging much.

We've had a ton of rain, but that helps everything stay green. Haven't been swimming as much as we would have liked, but we do try to walk along the beach most days, even if we don't swim.

I guess there's a whole lot I could go on about, but don't want to bore y'all. Overall, life is good and we are so blessed.


Tara W. said...

ugg gluten-free is soooo hard. i started back in october and have only recently been adding some back into my diet. already, after a "Detox" period, it doesn't seem to affect me like it did.

there are some good recipes out there though. and "ezekial" bread is okay when you get used to it.

but there's nothing like the real thing when you are not suppose to have it. (i did find it doesn't taste the same now though.)

let her know i understand!

Anonymous said...

Glad you posted.

Annette said...

Thanks Ladies!

The gluten-free bread over here is different to the USA. We just can't find one we like, or a good recipe. Oh well, we'll keep looking...