Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A few days

Two days ago (Sunday) Cary and I both felt inspired to get stuff done around here. Cary chopped down a dead bush out the front, vacuumed my van and the Range Rover he's driving at the moment, clipped a few overhanging trees and worked on various vehicles he has for sale that are currently at the house. I changed the paint on a dresser that we'd purchased for AJ at a yard sale the day before. The dresser had been too big to fit into my van, so Cary took the full-size school bus there and put it in the back of that! Then he took the bus down to his lot. The kids have had it in the backyard for months now and weren't playing with it much anymore. Besides, we needed to make room for the firetruck! Yep, a 1975 America LaFrance ladder truck. Cary took the kids in it up to the local burger place for lunch on Sunday! They loved it. We took a couple of walks and the kids played with the kids 2 doors down, running between their place and ours.

Yesterday we went to see a Chiropractic Kinesiologist. Nice guy. He looked at Cary and Sami and I think he helped Cary's hip problem, for now anyway. He seems to think that Sami is lacking the digestive enzyme amylase which means that she does not digest carbohydrates properly therefore she keeps craving them. The reason she gets so cranky sometimes is that her brain is somewhat starved for the fuel from the carbs. He's ordered some digestive enzymes for her which hopefully will be here soon! He wants her to take them and some of the friendly bacteria to assist in better digestion.

After that appointment, we all went to Wild Oats for lunch and a few grocery items. Cary showed the Range Rover and it looks like it might be sold. Cary took Sami home and he took a nap. I was driving my van with my two boys. We stopped at the library on the way home and got some Halloween books and a few videos. An easy dinner followed later, then an amazing thunderstorm. The kids were running around the house squealing with delight and a little fear of the thunder. Then we huddled together on some cushions and read the new library books. Sami went to bed early, but AJ stayed up for another hour and did jigsaw puzzles. He 'sees' the picture differently than Cary and I. We tend to put the border in first then fill it in rather randomly. AJ looks at the shape of the piece to see where it will fit. Nicholas actually did really well with all the driving during the day. Probably because he didn't sleep much on Sunday and he was catching up and just hanging out being mellow. I love my kids!

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