Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australians all let us rejoice

for we are young and free...

It is Australia Day here today. One of the great things about being near a big city is that there are lots of options in how we choose to celebrate today.

As the schools get ready to start a new year in a couple of days, we are rejoicing in our freedom. We've decided not to move to the other area further north. There is so much happening in the homeschooling world right here. There are more opportunities for business, and we haven't finished exploring all that the city has to offer.

We should be able to move into our new caravan next week, depending on what is involved in getting all the paperwork right on this end. We know we have to switch some things like lights over from the US style to the aussie standard.

Recently we were a bit frustrated with this type of living and had doubts about how we wanted to live. Things have become clearer, we have mapped out a bit of a plan and have made contact with several homeschooling groups in the area. There are a ton of different groups and we are going to start going to some of them to see which fits us best.

The weather is beautiful. Most days we get a little shower, but not the constant rain like it was.

Life is great!

Monday, January 14, 2008


The teachings of Abraham (& others it's just that I'm still reading A books), tells us that we are totally in control of creating our own reality. Our thoughts are so powerful and our feelings are the guide posts as to whether we are in alignment with our true desires. (Conversations with God talks about this too so it's interesting that the books I've read back-to-back have all had the same I getting it yet?!)

I wish I had known this when I was young. Why don't they teach this kind of information in schools? Because they want to keep us dumbed down? Teaching people what to think instead of how to think?

If someone had told me that my feelings were so important to my journey here, then I would never have thought I was crazy, or too emotional, or too sensitive. I would never have thought that "there must be something wrong with me". I would have spent a lot less time hiding my feelings in habits and relationships that supported the negative image of myself that I'd been led to think was true.

Luckily though, my inner/higher self is strong and persistent and led me to the right books and teachers to help me through the fog. The glimpses that I'd had all of my life into the reality that I'd been taught, through societies conditionings, was 'wrong', turns out to be what is right for me! I used to feel like I just didn't belong here, like an outsider looking in, like an adopted child from another planet.

For years I'd heard that your thoughts help create your reality. Yes, that's very nice and ok, I did the affirmations and visualisations and got pretty good at manifesting things in my life. But knowing how important the feelings are in directing the true desires just takes everything deeper and I feel like I've (finally) been given permission - and wow, even encouraged! - to honour my feelings. I feel so free!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

pondering our new direction

We are on the cusp of a new direction. Many options. We've been driving around all weekend looking for a new location and housing. An area we'd recently thought would be "it" was just not giving us the right vibe. We did not find suitable housing there, but Cary and the kids did find good pizza! Another place that I have loved for many years, is again looking promising. We've narrowed down the specific area we want to be within that larger area.

Cary will be going back to the USA next month. I'm aware of a time crunch to move again but I'm trying really hard not to be impatient and force things to happen. So I'm trying to get out of my head and back to my senses where life flows and all that we need is provided.

This is a stage of this type of living that is challenging. The moving (again), finding new friends, new fruit markets, new playgrounds. Yes, it's exciting. But sometimes I envy people who are perfectly content with living in the same house for 20+ years. There is definitely something to that - the security and stability. We are aiming to provide those things for our children with our love and some simple rhythms. Perhaps this is helping our children to learn to be flexible and adapt to new situations more easily. Yeah, they certainly do that well. I think I'm getting closer to being able to stay in one place for a very long time, but I'm just not there yet.

I think of the houses we had back in Vegas and the abundance of cool toys the kids had. The great friends. Especially the friends. But even people come and go, as did the houses and the toys. Here we are sleeping in a very small camper but with such a feeling of open-ness when we step outside. No big walls, no major housework, no utility bills, very few toys (but enough) and a constant stream of new friends. I think all of the rain we've had recently has caused us to question this lifestyle at the moment. I do not want to give up those freedoms for the ties of a house. But I also want some more space when we are inside due to rain or night time.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

finding Balance (again)

The sun shone most of the day yesterday. We went swimming several times. Ran into some friends from the area we used to live. What a surprise to find that they are staying in the same caravan park as us! Had fun playing with old and new friends. I ate more fresh foods and fewer grains. Wondered what was niggling at me and realised it was a bunch of little jobs that I had set for myself and just not gotten around to as we've been too busy moving, looking for the next place to move to, dealing with the rain, etc. So I made a start of some of those projects and it felt good. Went out for a yummy mexican dinner with the family. The afternoon was much cooler and we enjoyed a long walk when we got home. Focused on where we are, the beauty, the grass around our camper that is littered with frangipani flowers, the birds and the spirited people I live with.

Woke up feeling great again. Did some yoga and dressed in a pretty skirt. Feeling sensual and wild. Feels gooooood....

Monday, January 07, 2008

roller coaster

It has rained every day here for over 2 weeks. Sometimes all day, sometimes just a brief shower. But now the real summer feels like it is here. Hot and humid. It never used to bother me like it is now. That's probably because I'm focused on how the rest of the family is coping with the heat. Sami does not do well in it at all. Cary used to not do well but has adapted really well. The boys don't complain, but they just don't have a lot of energy at times. I'm not enjoying the summer like I used to. If we can get right next to the beach again then we'll get the cool sea breezes which would be nice.

I've been reading 'The Law of Attraction' by Esther and Jerry Hicks (& Abraham). I am having trouble applying it though. Living like this is not a holiday. A lot of people think it is. It is constant work just keeping the kids amused, the place clean, shopping (we have less space to store food so we have to shop more often), washing etc. The lack of space is really bothering me as is the lack of personal time. I'm trying to turn things around and focus on what's great right now and also think of the way I want things to be. Sometimes it's easier than others.

We're all healthy, our caravan keeps us dry, we have plenty of food and water, we have a lovely pool to swim in and we've made nice new friends here. Our cars get us around well. We have movies and internet and computer games and books and toys. We really are blessed and it's just getting better. We've have an abundance of good things including each other. So me, get over yourself and en-JOY this moment.

I guess it goes back to experiencing the things we don't want to really find out and get such a clear picture about the things we do want.

Friday, January 04, 2008


At the caravan park on Bribie Island, Queensland, Christmas Eve. AJ was soooo excited because Santa came to visit - riding in the back of the little white pick up truck coming down the road behind him, all dressed in the red suit while the other people with him throwing candy out to the kids were dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

AJ got to talk to the jolly man. I have never either encouraged nor discouraged the whole Santa concept, I've kind of just left it up to the kids to ask questions if they wanted more info. This past Christmas, Sami asked me if I thought Santa was real. I told her I thought that Santa represented the spirit of christmas which was definitely real. She didn't ask any more questions but I could see her trying to figure it out. I let her know that I'd be happy to talk with her more but I think she wanted to believe in the magic for one more year.

AJ lost another tooth and was very excited! It's the 5th one he's lost.

Mr nature photographer, AJ, has taken probably 100 photos of his favourite birds. He has a knack of attracting them and has a lot of patience when doing so.