Love Meditation...

Before I get out of bed in the morning, with my eyes still closed, I imagine warm light coming down into the top of my head and I say to myself

    I am aligned with Love

I continue to move that light feeling slowly down my body, filling each area.
At my forehead, I say

    I think with Love

At my eyes,  I see with Love

At my ears,  I listen with Love

At my nose,  I inhale Love... I exhale Love

At my mouth, as I exhale   I speak with Love
                       as I inhale    I eat with Love

At my heart, as I inhale  I feel with Love
                     as I exhale  I radiate Love

At my solar plexus,  my strength is Love
                                    my power is Love            

At my naval,   I move with Love
                           I create with Love

At the base of my spine,  I am safe in Love
                                            I am secure in Love

to my feet,   I am grounded in Love 

           I am surrounded by Love
               I am filled with Love
                 Love is all that I am
                     I Am Love

~ At night time, I say the meditation in the opposite order as I am going to sleep.  If I make it all the way through, at the end, I repeat

       Love is all that I am.... I Am Love

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