Sunday, October 23, 2005

Games people play

We were recently introduced to the card game 'Blink'. The whole family enjoys it and it's something that Cary usually wins at. Mind you, I do go a little slow for AJ's sake and to make sure that the kids are playing it right. Cary isn't into too many games but I love them. I have great memories of playing games when I was growing up, but Cary does not. I added a few more to our collection yesterday when we were at a large rummage sale. I got Cranium, Scattegories (love that game, just don't have any one who can or will play it with me), and Battleship - for a total of $4. Love those sales!

Sami's been in a bad funk lately. She used to be so sweet and easy-going. She has been saying lately that her friends leave her out of their play. The kids she plays with are really great kids and I don't see happening for the most part, maybe sometimes (I doubt intentionally) but it obviously hurts her when it does happen. Oh God that brings back memories! I always felt like I didn't quite fit. But I didn't really want to play some of the games, I just wanted to be accepted for who I was. I became an observer and would often just watch and listen, too insecure to open my mouth in case I said something stupid that the others would make fun of. As I got older I found that drinking and drugs gave me false security and I became much more outgoing. As I got wiser, I gave up that crutch and decided to grow up.

When I was a kid, I was able to escape into nature. I was free to roam through the bush, play at the creek, and just be me. My brother and I spent so many free moments just walking or building cubby houses. Where do my kids go to escape? - the TV. But that's not really escaping, it doesn't let their imagination roam free as it's bombarded with someone else's imagination.

We recently got a trampoline for the kids. It was great at first. Now they won't go on it unless they have a friend over or if I go on with them. If only we had a maid and a personal chef and a baby that would sleep more during the day, I would be able to play more. I am grateful that Nicholas sleeps well at night. What a difference that makes! Having a baby at any age can be challenging at times if you just don't get enough sleep, water and good nutrition. He has always slept well at night, which means that I have too. I was a bit of a zombie for a while after Sami and AJ were born.

I feeeel good...

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