Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I hate goodbyes

I had to say goodbye to a good friend yesterday. She and her family are moving back east. I am happy that they are getting out of here and going to where they want to be. But damn, I suddenly feel rather lonely. Another good friend recently went through some major changes in her life. Even though she is still in the area, her life situation is so different now as she had to go back to work and put her oldest son in school. So it's just not the same as it used to be.

I've said so many goodbyes in my life. Gotta say, it doesn't get easier. Ok...looking for the fully, love deeply and laugh just can't get attached to anything so you just need to appreciate it and enjoy it while you have it. Ok, lesson learned, but it doesn't help the ache I feel inside right now.

It started out to be a beautiful day and now a storm is brewing. Kind of matches my mood. I just feel like staying home and watching movies and making vegetable soup. But we are supposed to get together with our Life Learners group at a park. Hmm. Still a bit of time before we're supposed to go.

A couple of days ago I went walking with all 3 kids early in the morning. AJ discovered that if he looked at the rising sun, gritted his teeth together, and shook his head from side to side really quickly, that he could make a rainbow in his eyes. Actually I think he was seeing more red than any other colour but he was funny about it and kept doing it. That was how Sunday morning started and after Cary had made waffles for himself, Sami and AJ, we all went out into the yard to tidy up a bit. AJ wasn't really in the mood so he went back inside to do computer games. I got a short nap in with Nic. Sami and Cary kept tidying and raking the yard until a neighbour was passing and offered to take Sami and AJ to the park with her kids. They lept at the chance and while they were gone, Cary and I worked on getting the firetruck into the backyard. We had to put wood behind the back wheels to help it up the incline so the back overhang didn't scrape.

Ooo...thunder and rain...perhaps we won't be going to the park after all.

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