Sunday, October 16, 2005


One of the biggest lessons for me in this life has been all about Trust.

This requires Faith in a greater force directing this earthy play. Trusting that God's plan is not always the same as my plan. But that it's happening the way it is meant to, even though the reasons sometimes do not become obvious for many years.

"This too, shall pass" has been my mantra since I was a teenager. I used this during challenging times in my life. But it's true all the time and it teaches me about gratitude for all moments and reminds me to enjoy more of them without dwelling on past moments or worrying about moments to come. "Be here now" is another favourite mantra that reminds me to be fully present right here, right now. Whether it's happy, challenging or just a blah moment, they all have something of value.

I Am, always learning.

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