Wednesday, November 02, 2005

1 Nov pt 2

AJ has only eaten candy today. He did ask for oatmeal for breakfast, but he didn't eat it. Sami did include a pear and some cream-of-wheat. Right now she's about to eat some tortillas, after she's finished playing with them - wrapping them around her wrist and calling herself "Tortilla Princess" and acting like she was a superhero.

We did make it to the park this afternoon. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was so peaceful! Apart from a couple of small aircraft, all we heard were the birds. The kids brought their candy with them and we had a long discussion on our favourite candies, and if we could choose one huge box of our favourite, which one would it be? AJ couldn't decide between Skittles and M & M's. Sami settled on eyeballs which were made especially for Halloween and were chocolate with a fudge center. Crunch bars came a close second for her. We played guessing games to see who could guess how many pieces of candy were in the little packs of M & M's and other similar packs. Shortly before we left the park, some Grandparents came with their 2 Granddaughters. It was so cool that the Grandparents played on the equipment and swung on the swings too. That's like my Mum.

I was thinking of all the tv shows and books that have animals acting like humans - wearing clothes, living in houses, walking on their hind legs, cooking food, going to school, going to the dentist, etc. Argh! Ok, some of them are sort of cute, but some are just ridiculous!
How about some shows and books showing humans living like them? Ok, besides Tarzan that is.
Maybe I'm just being silly. Sami brought home a bunch of Babar books from the library the last time we were there. I have trouble reading them without making comments that refer to how silly the books are. Why does Celeste need a doctor and an ambulance to deliver her baby? She's an elephant - she knows how. Actually the baby does end up coming before the doctor gets there, but then it gets put in a crib and treated like a human baby. And why do the hippos act like hippos and don't wear clothes and walk around on their hind legs like all the other creatures?

Hey hey..AJ's asking for macaroni and cheese. I guess he's eaten all of his candy.

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