Wednesday, November 02, 2005

1st Nov

We've all been feeling rather calm and peaceful the last few days. I think that staying close to home more often and not always running around to planned activities has been good for us all. Yesterday was Halloween. The kids and I decided to go out and get some candy and a few things for the camper. We actually had a really fun shopping trip to Wal-Mart. Except for a few minutes when Sami and AJ were fighting over a little toy bat ring that AJ had found. They worked it out - after AJ had a turn with it, he chose to give it to Sami.

After we came home, Sami got some of the Halloween candy and put it into a big bowl. She and AJ were very excited about going trick-or-treating and were looking forward to having the neighbouring kids stop by for some candy. Sami started giving them huge handfuls of candy when they did arrive. I suggested she might want to cut it back a little so that there was enough for all the kids who came by. AJ decided just to dress as Batman, not the Batman/Darth Vader/Harry Potter combo he was going to do. Sami was a black and purple witch with a long black dress that had purple bits draped across the arms, a black pointed witch hat with long purple hair attached to it, and a black witch broomstick. She totally forgot about the long scary finger things she got recently to finish off the outfit. Oh well. Nicholas was in a pea-in-the-pod bunting outfit and looked very cute. We did some local t-o-t'ing then Cary came home and we all drove over to visit some friends for a short while before doing a little t-o-ting in their neighbourhood. When we got home, the kids dumped out their candy and happily shared some with each other and put the things they did not want into the bowl to hand out to others.

This morning AJ, Nicholas and I went for a long walk. AJ told me that he couldn't wait for Halloween to come again. We had fun looking at all the Halloween decorations at different houses along our way, and talking about all the exciting things we have to look forward to: Aunt Susan's visit, Thanksgiving, Grandma's visit, Daddy's b/day, a trip to the Grand Canyon, Sami's birthday, Christmas, New Year, a trip to Panama. So many great things in store! When we got home from our walk, Sami and AJ took off to the camper for a candy party. We were planning on going to the park this morning, but right now there is a big backhoe blocking our driveway and some people digging a big hole in the road in front of our house. AJ stood out there and watched them for quite a while. Now he and Sami are watching a little tv while Nicholas takes a nap and I have some playtime here.

Life is good!

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