Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gooey stuff

I felt so weird yesterday. I just couldn't get grounded and it required quite a bit of effort to function and follow conversations. I started the day just not feeling well. Some de-toxing going on. I've been doing a bit more Reiki on myself and in my life. As the day progressed I started feeling a bit better as I was drinking a ton of water. I just kept feeling like my Spirit and body were not quite fitting together.

Somehow I managed to function and (I think) appear kind of normal. We had to do a little shopping then we met at a friends house for an afternoon of science experiments with our lifelearners group. Cornstarch and water - fun! Water, oil and food colouring - cool! Vinegar, baking soda and balloons, etc. Fun for all! Nicholas was very vocal and was doing his best to contribute his opinion to what was going on. We had another long drive home (1.5 hours). This time we pretty much stayed in the one spot as there was no consoling him. As soon as I would put him back in his seat, he would just start screaming again. I finally got myself grounded again, got myself totally in the present moment and really connected with him heart-to-heart. I communicated total acceptance and love to him and I felt consumed with gratitude for the magnitude of the moment. He fell asleep. I held him until he was totally calm. I wanted to stay there for a long time, savouring that moment. Sami and AJ were so understanding about the long drive home. They are used to it now, but they've always been great about it. AJ was getting a bit restless by the time Nicholas finally fell asleep but then he fell asleep too, so did Sami. After that, it was a very peaceful ride home.

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