Sunday, November 13, 2005


I may not be so different after all! I've just scratched the surface of a couple of things: being a Highly Sensitive Person (I scored 25 out of 27 in the online quiz); and, Sensory Integration Dysfunction (I need to look into this more). I went looking for things that might help me with Sami as the enzymes and probiotics don't seem to be doing a thing. One thing led to another and, in my search to help Sami, I may be able to help myself too. Not that I thought anything was 'wrong' with me, but there were times when I felt isolated with the way I felt. Perhaps I will learn tips to help. Actually, I think I know the things that will help, it's just that I don't give myself the permission to do those things. Such as take time for myself, take a nap during the day, relax more, recognise my own needs for water, food, space - and know that it's perfectly ok.

Sami seems more intense lately. Cary is finally understanding what I've been talking about for so long. I think she falls more into the Out-of-Sync category (sensory intergration dysfunction) from what I've read so far and some of that applies to me too.

Nicholas just turned 5 months old and has two teeth. He is rolling over a lot more today. Everytime I put him down, he rolls over onto his belly. Like he finally figured it out and is excited to be doing something different.

We went to some yard sales this morning. AJ is very happy with his purchase - a very pink Barbie motorhome. Sami got some little Polly Pocket houses. I got some little curtains that might work in our motorhome and a sweet porcelain christmas doll that moves and plays music.

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