Sunday, November 06, 2005

Strange Saturday

I felt incredibly calm yesterday. I took the kids to a couple of yard sales in the morning. AJ was having a very challenging moment when we got to the first one and was screaming and carrying on very loudly and dramatically. I know other people there were looking at us, but I put a bubble around us and let their stares and opinions bounce off it, so they didn't get to me at all. I was very calm with AJ, I acknowledged what he was feeling, told him gently that he may not spit on me and helped him figure out a solution. He was frustrated with something that he thought Sami had done intentionally (drop something of his in the van and he couldn't find it) but she had accidentally bumped him or it. Once the item was found, and he and Sami told each other what they thought had happened, he was calm again and it was all forgotten.

We found a few treasures. Sami bought herself 4 beanie soft toys, 3 CD roms, a pair of binoculars, a ceramic ballerina and a few other little things. Her favourite is a lizard. She's started collecting lizards lately. AJ bought a large nutcracker doll and I got 3 Rocky and Bullwinkle videos - classics! When we got home it felt like every room in our little house needed some TLC. Sami went through her toys and got a bag of stuffed toys to give away. Several of them were unicorns. I was surprised, she used to love them. Actually, I think I encouraged that as I feel that unicorns are so mystical and beautiful. Maybe it was never really her thing, or maybe she feels as though she has enough. Maybe she's making way for more lizards!

We had a general tidy up in most rooms of the house. I made a few updates on our website, took care of 3 kids, washed diapers, etc. Nicholas was having a sleepy day. He took an unusual amount of long naps. In the evening he had another very loud period of communicating. Hmm, I wonder what is really going on with him. I don't remember the other two kids doing this. AJ fell asleep at 5:30pm. That's 4 hours before his usual time. Sami stayed up later than usual and she was in a very "smarty pants" mood. She was having fun with it though. Everyone seems out of whack somehow, or maybe their getting a new kind of whack. Interesing.

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