Thursday, December 08, 2005

Me Mum

It is sooo great having my Mum here! Gosh I'll miss her when she's gone, but for now I'm trying to make the most of all moments. It's a bit challenging as it's such a crazy month. Cary just had his birthday, Sami's is coming up, there's packages to mail, cards to write, etc etc. I want to hang out with Mum and take her places and show her around. But it's nice just hanging out at home too. She's been doing lots of crafty things with the kids and helping with Nicholas. He's almost 6 months old and he's been kind of grizzly lately. Partly from teething and all of the craziness happening lately. He's been really interested in grabbing my food and this morning I spoon fed him a little of my morning smoothie - water, oranges, banana and lettuce mix all blended together in the vitamix. He loved it!

Recently we went to a friend's house and did gingerbread houses with graham crackers. It took Sami and AJ two days to come down from the sugar high and they didn't seem to be eating that much candy. They were just feral for two days afterwards. Yikes! I will seriously rethink going to anything like that again. For my own sanity and their harmony as well.

My own Mum has been mothering me and it is so comforting and wonderful. I'm realising that I need to mother myself and allow myself free time without feeling guilty.

Breathe peace.

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