Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mama's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. We had a perfectly lovely day. My family presented me with hand-made cards from each of them (Cary helped do one from Nicholas). We went back to the Henderson ArtFest as I wanted to exchange a ring I had bought there the day before. I usually buy myself a little something for mother's day. Why not? I can appreciate all that I do in my role as a mama. It's nice to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes.

We went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. I like the salads there but for some reason, towards the end of the meal, I always feel like I have to rush. Maybe it's the company I go with. The kids are always back and forth getting another slice of pizza or a muffin or whatever. After that, we went an hung out at the big water park which was just a zoo - sooo many people. At least the water there is warm unlike the local water park that has freezing cold water.

I love being a Mama. I love each of my children. I am so blessed!

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