Thursday, May 25, 2006

School vs Life!

When the local school let out for the summer last year, the local paper interviewed some of the middle school kids. One of them was so excited about the summer break because "now we don't have to learn anything". That comment stayed with me and I thought how very sad it was that she had that view about learning.

I recently overheard some traditional homeschoolers talking and one had said how that were finished with their lessons for the year. Again, how sad.

People, the learning and the lessons NEVER end!

I am so happy that we are living the life-learning route in our family. Our children are free to pursue the things that interest them, they enjoy learning from living their lives. They do not see learning as a chore but they are excited with every new discovery. Oh that more children could have this opportunity!

If ever my kids had to go to school, or really wanted to, I would consider some kind of alternative school - Sudbury first, Waldorf second. But those schools are not everywhere. And luckily, my children do not want to go to school. (at the moment)

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