Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So Grateful

Ah yeah, I'm feeling much better today. I really do feel thankful for my life. Even if I'm not living in the area that I want (near the ocean!), I am living the life I want. My children and I are free to live and explore and enjoy. If we were to move to Australia, would we still have this? Would I be pressured to put the kids in school and get a job? I think I'd miss what we have here. I would like a little more adventure though. I love to travel and have done so little of it compared to what I would like. But hey, count my blessings. We are planning several trips later this year. We'll see. So often we plan things that just don't happen. I get so attached to those plans that I end up disappointed when they fall through.

We really are so lucky. We have so much that we just take for granted. Food in the house, Air conditioning, Electricity, Clothes, Vehicles, ...just for some basics. Then there's Love, Freedom, Creativity, Knowledge, Connection with others etc.

I would like to do more, and I am working on doing more to be a positive influence. I am the stone that creates the ripple. I am one of many that are conscious of the shifts towards a more peaceful earth. I am an important part of the whole of the human race. God does not make mistakes. My life is just as important as yours. We are One.

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