Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Adventures with AJ

So I'm trying to pack up the house and I see AJ go into the bathroom. No big deal. Except that 10 minutes later, he's still not out. "Are you OK?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm just squishing some ants". One of our neighbours must have had their place sprayed because the ants came marching into our place by the dozens. So when AJ finally emerges from the bathroom, the floor is soaked and all of the towels are rolled up in a big soppy mess on the floor. Nice, a big mess to clean up. OK, so I took care of that and got back to packing. AJ went to watch a movie with Sami for a little while. Then he found a dead cockroach and decided to dissect it on my cutting board with my good kitchen knife. I walked out to the kitchen at just the right time to catch this. I explained that that wasn't the best place or knife to use to perform such an operation and the other stuff was packed up already. So then he just wanted to chop it in half to see if any blood came out. None did. "That's why it died - it ran out of blood" he announced.

So I wash the cutting board and knife in very hot soapy water and go back to packing. Evidently, AJ thought everything needed washing again so he was back in the kitchen with the little sprayer hose washing the few dishes in the sink and getting water all over the benches in the process. Argh - the electrical stuff! I got back to the kitchen just before the water was so deep that it got into the wiring on my vitamix. Sheesh.

His next trick was to pull the cushions off the couch and bounce on the couch and then onto the cushions that were arranged in a line on the floor. He got so worked up that he bounced the wrong way and literally bounced off the wall!

AJ and Sami decided to go outside and play with the hose and the little wading pools. AJ likes to be in control of the hose so Sami took my big umbrella to protect herself a little. He found other ways to spray her and basically keep her from being able to enjoy splashing in the pool. So I said it was time to turn the water off. He did but then started putting dirt into Sami's pool. She had had enough and came back inside. Of course, he came looking for her to see how he could annoy her even further.

Instead he decided to play with Nicholas. He likes to play a little rough with him and Nicholas actually likes it, most of the time. AJ will pick N up and plop him down onto a big cushion. N laughs at this. I just shake my head. Boys! I love that AJ plays with N a lot and can be very sweet and gentle with him as well as a bit rough.

Ok, so then Cary decides to start loading the big truck. Sami helps take out some of the lighter things. AJ does what he can and then decides that he is going to be in charge of pressing the buttons to make the lift gate go up and down. He runs inside to get his green stool, puts it out on the road next to the truck and assumes his position. He is very happy to have such an important job!

Living with AJ is an adventure. The boy starts talking the moment he gets up and doesn't stop until the moment before he goes to sleep. If I try to watch a movie with him, he talks through most of it. He is so busy and such an interesting thinker. I am amazed by some of his comments and questions. I am so grateful to have him in our family.

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