Monday, June 05, 2006

ch ch ch ch changes..

When I was 5 years old, my family moved to a new area. I wasn't happy about the change and did not like my new school. I did like the area we lived with all the bush around and a creek and a lake and hills and rocks to climb. When I was 14, we moved from there and I was really unhappy about that. I rebelled big time. But I eventually calmed down.

Since then though, I have been very open to changes and moving to a new location. I travelled around Australia on my own with no thought of putting down roots anywhere in particular. I think those early shake-ups in my life opened up the possibity of the wonderful things we can find in new areas. Recently, Cary and I decided that the time was right to move back to Australia and started moving towards that goal.

Several years ago, I felt a calling to go to Sedona. A couple of months ago I finally got there for a few days. I thought that was that. But it seems as though Sedona is not done with me. Cary has been offered an exciting business deal there in the biodiesel industry. I'm encouraging him to explore it further. It's the kind of setup that we could duplicate in Australia. We can learn a lot about it here and then go anywhere with that knowledge.

So we do still plan on going to Australia, just with a detour to Sedona for a while. Maybe a year, maybe longer. I'm glad I'm open to change. I'm excited about getting into the alternative energy industry. This is totally in line with who we are and our goals.

My concern about moving there has been in finding an unschooling group as great as the one we have here. Even an eclectic homeschooling group. It looks like there may be something similar just starting up in Flagstaff. Which will be a bit of a drive, but not more than what we're used to doing here.

I don't want to think about packing yet. Cary's in Sedona at the moment and he will look at a couple of houses while he's there. If he doesn't find anything, he wants us all to go there next weekend to have a better look

I've been enjoying my time here with the kids. Yesterday morning we took Scooby for a run in the desert near the water park. We found a dried up pond and spent time exploring that. The kids loved all of the bunnies, birds and lizards they were seeing. I really should take them into nature more often. After growing up in such a lush environment, I have found it difficult to appreciate the local desert environment. I have a feeling that will change when we move to Sedona.

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