Thursday, June 29, 2006


We have almost finished packing up the house. With the exception of two closets, curtains and the last minute things, we were pretty much done. Cary and the kids had already fully loaded the 20' box truck we have. Utilities were all taken care of, kids and I were excited and it seemed like it was all systems go.

Until 6:30pm last night when Cary got home and dropped a bombshell. He doesn't think we should go.

There are many good personal reasons for going. But the business deal is starting to look shaky. Actually, it has been looking that way but Cary didn't say anything sooner. The dealership is not ready to go yet and the guy has been stringing Cary along with other possible deals. Except now he also has another guy working for him doing the things that he wanted Cary to do. So Cary doesn't feel confident in trusting this guy. He would rather stay here where he is self-reliant and knows the area and has things set up rather than go to a new area that he doesn't really know. If we did move to Sedona, Cary would still need to come to Vegas for at least a few days every week. So what's the point?

Financially, it seems right that we stay. Personally though, I thought it would be such a positive move for us all individually and as a family. I'm very disappointed.

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