Monday, July 10, 2006

Finally unpacked

I have over 100 unread emails that I'm tempted to just delete. Last night I unpacked the last box back into our house. I have a large pile of papers and things to sort through, but apart from that, we're officially all moved back in. I have been thinking about how to live more simply while still providing an interesting environment for the kids and a calm, uncluttered environment for Cary and I. I think I'm getting there. I got rid of 3 tall bookshelves, two smaller bookshelves and two little tables. With less furniture, there is less temptation to put stuff on it. We have three boxes of kids toys and games in the garage that I will rotate with the stuff currently in the house. I put all of the little people and animal dolls in a big container and set up the wooden castle and tree house on top of the train table (with the train set stored underneath for now). Sami and AJ have spent hours playing with all of that. I also left a large closet empty so that the kids can keep using it as their "secret clubhouse".

I have not found my funky purple couch yet. I did get two folding purple mushroom chairs for temporary use. We were at a yard sale yesterday and saw a little green and tan striped two-seater in very good condition. Cary bargained the price down to $80 but then pulled back and told me that he really didn't want to get it as he just wants to get to Australia and doesn't want to get anything else for the house. I was very pleased to see that drive in him. So I'll look for my funky purple couch when we get down under!

I have been so busy getting the house back together that our food supplies got very low. Cary came with us to Whole Foods today and we did a huge shop to restock. We had lunch there then came home and unpacked. Then we headed up to the Boulder City public pool and enjoyed a very refreshing swim for about 20 minutes before a thunderstorm started moving in. So, back home to get into our PJ's and watch a movie.

Earlier today we took Scooby for his daily run in the desert. He needs that or he'll just get pent up and drive us all nuts. We take him to an area where we can just let him run free. It's been interesting for us. We see lots of wild bunnies and lizards. A couple of weeks ago we even saw a coyote. The coyote was about 100 feet away and just stood and looked at us for about 20 seconds then went on his way. We've seen evidence of other coyotes with bunny remains in various conditions.

We've been thinking a lot about whether to take Scooby to Australia with us or not. He is a great dog. A bit of a blockhead sometimes, but he has a great heart, is gentle with the children, very protective of me and an excellent watchdog. He is a sweetheart. But the whole process to take him over - vet visits, crate training, the actual flight and then quarantine. I don't know if I want to do that to him. My friend Cat has offered to take him. I know he adores her and she would give him a great home. She has other dogs that he would love to play with. I think he would be happier there. It's a hard decision but one that we need to make soon.

Oh good, more rain is starting to fall. How lovely!

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