Friday, September 01, 2006

Stuffin Stuff

Trying to organise the stuff we were going to take had me so stressed! Trying to figure out what goes, what gets sold or donated, how much will fit on the load, dealing with a ton of paperwork for that, packing boxes so they were full but not too was all too much. The stuff was ruling my life. I hated that feeling. We are ready to go to the next level and just sea mail boxes of photos and sentimental things and leave everything else behind. Once we made that decision, I felt so much more relaxed. I sat down with AJ and we played cards - I don't remember the last time we have done that. It felt so good to reconnect with him after being so busy dealing with the physical stuff - our material possessions - that was just draining me.

Sami and AJ both had their hair cut a few days ago. AJ wanted his short so it could be spiked up on top. It looked great the first day but I don't have any gel so now it looks flat, but he still likes it. Sami does not like brushing her hair a lot and it was getting very knotty especially with being at the pool so much this summer. She also does not like doing anything with it except for maybe wearing a headband. She has been saying for a while that she wants it cut really short. Funny - when I was young, I always wanted long hair but my Mum insisted it be kept short because when she was young, she had been made to have long hair and always wanted it short. I had imagined that I would have a daughter who would want to have long hair and would love to let me braid it and do fun things with it. Nope. But I do have a daughter who knows her own mind and is free to follow through on most things, but definately her own hair choice. So my sweet Sami now has a very short, slightly layered bob cut that looks great on her. And she is happy about that.

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