Monday, September 04, 2006

We're off to see the Wizard...

..or something like that. I do feel a bit like Dorothy only my tornado has had me spinning for weeks. My 'house' - my kids and some of our stuff - will soon be dropped into the land of Oz where we will follow the yellow brick road on a life-changing adventure. I already feel myself changing in ways I cannot yet put into words. I do wish that the other part of my home - my husband - was coming with us. A part of me is a bit nervous about what lies ahead. Another part is wonderfully excited about all of the possibilities and chances to reconnect with family, friends and the land I love. There is another part that knows and accepts this journey on a much deeper level as something I do need to do without Cary. This first part that is, until he is able to join us. It's a chance to get back in touch with myself and stand firm in my courage and creativity. Not that Cary has ever tried to make me a part of him; he's always appreciated that I was an individual. I feel that I have given up parts of myself along the way, which is actually not fair to him or I or the children.

We are now down to 9 days left in the USA. Any regrets? Well I do wish I'd seen more of the beautiful and interesting places here, such as the Grand Canyon and Zion, and taken a drive up the west coast. But I am very grateful for all of the interesting places we did go - Florida, Mexico, different parts of California, Utah, Sedona and the drive across country when we moved here from Maryland. I'm content. When Nicholas is a bit older, we'll come back and do those other things.

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