Thursday, April 12, 2007

After reading the last post...

...Cary said to me "you're still struggling with this?" (releasing attachment). The answer is definitely no - I am not struggling at all. It's just that every now and then a small little feeling pops up that I just didn't expect. I decided to blog about it as a very real part of simplifying - to let others know that these kind of feelings might pop up and it's ok.

My sister and her family came over for 4 days over Easter. It's so great that we only live 4 hours drive away and can see each other more often. It was strange to me to have Easter in the autumn again. It seems so right to have it in the Spring. Easter here is just done differently than in the US. The plastic eggs we used to get to put our own fillings in are just not available here. Back in the US, we would put crystals, coins, stickers, and some candy in the eggs. Here, it's all about chocolate! I had bought our children a chocolate bunny each. So did my sister. And she had a ton of little chocolate eggs to do an egg hunt with. So AJ was in heaven! I'm sure it reminded him of Halloween (which is not celebrated here). So whatever hemisphere we are in during the fall, he will have a candy fest to look forward to!

The weather is still beautiful here. The days are warm enough for swimming, but the evenings and mornings are getting cooler. The kids have 3 weeks off school and we are exploring our local area a bit more. We just heard about some waterfalls about 15 minutes away from our house. We knew of some an hour away, but we'll have to check these out this week. We've been playing lots of games and are really into Mancala at the moment. When I play with AJ, I can see him thinking several moves ahead whereas Sami just plays by luck. Interesting how different they are. At the moment, they are having fun playing Polly Pocket together. An Ibis just walked past my window and a kangaroo is across the road. The rainbow lorikeets are chattering and the plovers are looking for breakfast. We are off to a friends farm to see his different crops - mainly bananas which are almost done for the season and pumpkins. My Mum is popping in this afternoon on her way back from visiting my brother. He had radiation treatment on the cancer in his neck last week. He was very sick afterwards but is getting better now.

Better go and grab a shower. Ah dear, I won't have time to work out, what a shame! I've gotten very slack about "working out". It seems like such a chore. I have so much more fun going for a walk along the beach or for a swim.

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