Saturday, April 21, 2007

AJ rolls the dice

Last week we went to an electrical store to get a cable for a new tv we bought. As it was going to be a quick in and out, I thought I'd wait in the car with the kids while Cary went in. Then I noticed that the store was having a promo day there including having a radio station tent near the front door. So the kids and I decided to have a closer look. When we got over there, the DJ asked if we'd like to play a game to have a go of winning a remote controlled fire engine. I asked "what kind of game?". He said "how about .. roll the dice?" I should have said we were from Las Vegas and he didn't stand a chance, but I just said "sure". He asked which one of us would like to have a go and I suggested AJ as it was two days before his birthday and that would make a nice present. So it was arranged. I went back to the car to get the camera and as I was coming back, AJ went on the air, chatted to the DJ and played the game. The DJ rolled a 9 and AJ rolled a double 5! It was all over by the time I got back, but I snapped this photo just as he was walking away with his prize. He was so stoked! He was talking about it all day "the DJ rolled a 9 and I rolled a 10 and I won the firetruck.....". It's a pretty cool truck - you can put water in the tank in the back and from the remote control you can turn the fire hose on top and it will squirt out water.

Mr AJ - 6 years old. Happy Birthday gorgeous! We love you.

Thanks for the blog birthday wishes for him. M, I hope C had a good birthday too.

Love you all.

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