Sunday, April 22, 2007

movies and peace

I love the wave of spiritual cinema that has become very popular since "What the Bleep.." was released several years ago. I guess by now most people have seen "The Secret" and maybe even "Conversations with God". We used to subscribe to the Spiritual Cinema Circle and every month would be sent a new DVD with several short independent films and a regular feature length film. These were films like "Delivering Milo", "Indigo", "Into Me See", and others from all over the world. I love that these movies are helping to reach a wider audience and plant seeds of possibilities - of a kinder, more peaceful world where people can connect on a deeper more loving level.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the Go Gratitude site. "The Secret" talks about the law of attraction. They show how powerful your thoughts are in attracting everything in your life. Gratitude plays a huge role in unlocking that even further. Even if your current situation is not what you want it to be, living with an attitude of gratitude will help to bring you the things you do want. I've been thinking about what else are the keys to the law of attraction. Certainly Trust /Faith would be another. Are there any other things that are the main keys to getting this law to work?

The recent tragedy in Virginia raised an ongoing discussion in this house. Cary and I differ in our opinions about guns. I don't see how we can have peace when people are carrying around weapons of war. He doesn't see how we can be safe when criminals can still obtain guns and "good" people cannot defend themselves. In his case, would the "good" people be more likely to attract such a situation to them where they may need to defend themselves? According to "The Secret" you get what you focus on and if you think someone is going to attack you, then surely there is a greater chance of that happening? In my case, am I being too naive? Can you really protect yourself with a belief in love and peace? It's worked for me so far.

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I think there's truth to what you're saying here.