Monday, May 07, 2007

Busy week

Last week just flew by. I don't know exactly where all the time went, but it went fast. This past weekend was a blur. Friday evening we met some friends on the beach for a bonfire. We watched an almost full moon rise over the warm ocean while sitting back, feeling the soft sand between our toes. The kids toasted marshmallows and made their own little fires. Guitars, drums and other percussion instruments came out and we had a sing-a-long. The evening had a very similar feeling to it that our homeschooling events back in Nevada used to have. It's usually that way when we get together with the friends we've made here.

Earlier on Friday, we had a free energy audit at our house. The consultant replaced every light bulb in our home with the energy-efficient kind. 22 light bulbs for free! He made a few suggestions and that was it. Australians in general are very concerned about global warming. It seems that every week there is an article in the paper about some local business who is switching to green power or how they have made changes in their business practices to help the environment. Have I blogged about our bin system? We have three 240 Litre wheeled bins with colour coded lids. Red is for general trash. Yellow for recycling. Green is for food scraps and garden clippings. The green one gets picked up every week while the red and yellow alternate weeks. Everyone uses the system.

Saturday morning we went to a couple of yard sales then into the Botanical Gardens to celebrate Japanese Children's Day in the Japanese section of the beautiful gardens. That place is huge. We drummed and danced and ran into friends there. The weather was warm and wonderful.

Sunday we went to a farewell party for some Dutch friends of ours who are leaving Australia next week to travel in the USA for a few months. They are working on getting visas to allow them to come back here to live. The party was at a beautiful creek picnic area and the kids had a great time exploring and playing. We had fun chatting with our friends too.

Big new here - Nicholas has stopped using diapers during the day! Several weeks ago he refused to wear them anymore and he always goes on the potty or toilet or outside now. He's 22 months old. I have to wait for him to fall asleep at night before I can put a diaper on him otherwise he'll pull it off. Sometimes when he wakes in the morning it has a little in it, a couple of times he's been dry, usually after he's woken me to go potty during the night. I'm impressed! He is a little boy with a big mind. Once he sets his mind to something, he is very determined! I was told before he was born that he was a strong Indigo child and I can see the truth in that.

Cary has taken up surfing. Life is good. I'm blissfully content.

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