Sunday, August 05, 2007

Phase One complete

Or is it more like Phase 101? We had a yard sale yesterday. I was not looking forward to it. Back in the US, I used to enjoy having a yard sale, but this time, I was just tired and tired of it. Once it got going, I was ok and we did get rid of a lot of stuff. Cary is amazed by how much stuff we've accumulated in the 10 months we've been here. All the kind of stuff it takes to make a home function - some tables, clothes, toys, books, chairs etc.

This coming week we have to finish packing up what's left in the house and put it into our storage unit. We still have to do a few things to the camper to get it ready and then clean this house. Within 2 weeks, it will all be done and then we need to get Cary ready for his trip back to the USA.

I trying to get back into the moment - being present. But there is so much going on, I'm finding it rather challenging. I'm feeling a bit scattered and overwhelmed. ..Breathe deep, seek Peace. .. I get so caught up in all the details that I forget the most important detail - to take care of myself in the process, to take time out to really be in the moment, to play and laugh and be silly instead of serious and buzzing about trying to get everything done. To not neglect the rest of my family and to find creative ways the kids could help. To actually accept help from them and others who offer.

What still needs to be done will get done whether I'm stressed or relaxed about it. It will be a lot more fun if I can just relax. I might save myself a few wrinkles in the process!


PeacefulGoddess said...

Hey there BB I am so excited for you to continue your journey-NOW on the road lucky. I am so wanting to travel around the US for 2 years. I miss you I hope all is well.
Love ya,

Miranda said...

Much peace and calm to you in this last phase of preparation! I wanted to comment to let you know that I read your blog regularly, too! Miss you guys and can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!