Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hip hip hooray, the sun came out today! After non-stop rain for about 4 days, we have sunshine today! Some of the rain we had was very heavy with strong winds. Our camper held up and so did we. Living this close to each other and to nature has given us a great appreciation for simple things like warm feet and blue sky and a few minutes by myself to go to the bathroom. Most campers in this park got some water in them during the heavy storm, as did we, but it wasn't bad.

I am wishing that I had just put in 4 weeks notice at the school. Sami and AJ are ready to leave. They know that they don't have to go if they don't want to, but they are choosing to still go most days. They are usually late though. I've come to see this experience as a part of our Life Learning journey. We no longer have any doubts that LL / unschooling is what is best for us. Interesting that the thing that has turned Sami off the most is the very thing that most people highlight about the school experience - the social side. She's had other children from her class teasing her about her reading. Plus, she would rather choose her friends rather than be forced to spend her free time there with kids she just doesn't connect with. I've realised that Sami really likes the rhythm of school and it gives her a sense of security. So I will work on establishing that for her here. It's hard for me though. AJ has enjoyed the social side of school, but does not like the rules.

The thing that helped me get through some of the challenging parts of the recent storm were repeating "this too, shall pass", taking the kids to the tv room and letting them just run around in circles (there were no other people in there at the time), and just being in the moment, feeling Mother Nature in her wildness. It's all good.

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PeacefulGoddess said...

This humanly ride we are on seems to reveal just what we need at the time we need. Trusting in ourselves is very key.
Loves and miss you,
"source within"