Tuesday, November 20, 2007

releasing Judgement

I was walking along the beach this morning. It's a place that always nourishes me spiritually. It's a place that feels ...like home.

I walked while watching a(nother) magnificent sunrise. I thought about how easy it is to appreciate something so beautiful and how challenging it can be to appreciate something not so beautiful. I thought of how judgemental I was of the area when we lived in Las Vegas. It took me years to accept and appreciate the unique beauty of the desert.

I thought of how easy it is to enjoy my children when they are happy and how challenging it can be sometimes when they are showing sides of themselves that are, well, not so pretty. How hard it can be to look through statements like "I hate you mum" yelled from my pre-pubescent daughter. I know she really means that she does not like what I'm saying because she knows it to be true but doesn't want to admit it. But it's hard not to let it get to me a bit especially when it comes with huffing and puffing and major attitude.

So I'm really working on noticing my thoughts and noticing when I'm being judgemental towards others or myself. To see the love that is always there, even when it's hidden behind a veil of fear. To release judgement and let things just be

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