Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sensory cornucopia

My joy meter has worked itself up from the recent trough it was in to reach a peak experience this morning:

Sleeping beauties
time alone
sandals on, time for a walk.
Onto the path
what? why?
the beach in on the other side of those trees.
20 seconds later, I'm on the sand
sandals off
The smell! fresh, salty air
The feel! the sand and small stones and shells massaging the soles of my feet
warm ocean water bathing my lower legs
the sea foam so very soft like liquid silk through my toes.
The sight! the blue and green water, so clean, so clear
beautiful waves
patterns on the shore
The sound! Waves rolling
strong and confident, with a purpose
like me
birds flying, so free and beautiful
like me
surfers catching waves
so adventurous
like me

My spirit nourished, full of this natural abundance, these gifts.
I am so grateful
knowing anything and everything is possible
we are all connected
we are one


Queen B said...

What a beautiful morning you/we had! Warm blue ocean water- what a blessing... Glad you are feeling blissed!

Anonymous said...