Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Several weeks ago, I was going in circles, knowing I needed to change some things, but not knowing exactly what. I was finally guided to ask for clarity....and it is coming.
My own goals, and our family goals are so much clearer. I am grateful.

It has kick started a new phase and given enthusiasm and energy to where we're at now.
We're having a major clean up in our camper. Really thinking about what we're taking with us when we head north. What do we need? What do we want? How much/how little can we be comfortable with? Already the space in our camper has a lighter feel as we take the excess books and games and toys and general stuff to our storage unit. Another garage sale this weekend - hopefully the last one for quite a while - will allow us to move our stuff into a much smaller storage unit.

Sami has another week of school before she finishes (again). She recently performed in her class play and absolutely shone. I must find drama classes for her when we head north. I'm excited to meet the other homeschoolers there. AJ's been enjoying gymnastics and they've both been swimming a lot. Nicholas speaks more words every day - all day every day that is...he starts chatting from the moment he gets up until he falls asleep. And his volume is loud! Oh boy is he a funny character.

I'm so blessed to have these three special souls in our family. Each of them shining in their own way. Teaching me so much, and in the process allowing me to shine too. With the love and support and encouragement from Cary too, I am very happy.

It was Cary's birthday on the 3rd. Sami made him a happy birthday card and she 'accidentally' wrote "have a God birthday" (instead of good birthday). We thought she had it right though.

I hope y'all are enjoying this month with peace and love and I wish you a God day.

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