Monday, January 14, 2008


The teachings of Abraham (& others it's just that I'm still reading A books), tells us that we are totally in control of creating our own reality. Our thoughts are so powerful and our feelings are the guide posts as to whether we are in alignment with our true desires. (Conversations with God talks about this too so it's interesting that the books I've read back-to-back have all had the same I getting it yet?!)

I wish I had known this when I was young. Why don't they teach this kind of information in schools? Because they want to keep us dumbed down? Teaching people what to think instead of how to think?

If someone had told me that my feelings were so important to my journey here, then I would never have thought I was crazy, or too emotional, or too sensitive. I would never have thought that "there must be something wrong with me". I would have spent a lot less time hiding my feelings in habits and relationships that supported the negative image of myself that I'd been led to think was true.

Luckily though, my inner/higher self is strong and persistent and led me to the right books and teachers to help me through the fog. The glimpses that I'd had all of my life into the reality that I'd been taught, through societies conditionings, was 'wrong', turns out to be what is right for me! I used to feel like I just didn't belong here, like an outsider looking in, like an adopted child from another planet.

For years I'd heard that your thoughts help create your reality. Yes, that's very nice and ok, I did the affirmations and visualisations and got pretty good at manifesting things in my life. But knowing how important the feelings are in directing the true desires just takes everything deeper and I feel like I've (finally) been given permission - and wow, even encouraged! - to honour my feelings. I feel so free!!!!


Tara said...

Thanks for your comment! Is this the Annette I've heard of thru the LVLL gals? If so, it's nice to (sorta) meet you. And thanks for putting up with my cycnical rant. It's good to get that stuff off your chest every-so-often. lol

Queen B said...

Hello Annette! Just wanted to ley you know that I am awarding you an Inspirational Blogger Award! Check out my blog for more details. It is a real award not just one I made up BTW!! LOL! Love and blessings to you!