Tuesday, February 05, 2008

a few photos..

a toothy / toothless AJ 6.5yrs

On Australia Day we went to a place near the city called Southbank. It's a huge area alongside of the Brisbane River that has cafes, restaurants, a rainforest walk, playgrounds, a man-made beach and this fabulous rocky river wandering through it. (At one end of Southbank there's also a museum, science center, library, art gallery, and performance arts center. All huge city-size versions of those.) The kids had a great time throwing rocks from one section to another, banging small rocks on the larger ones, building dams and just lazing around like the above Sami mermaid.

Cary has the green sleeves, sitting on the edge. Nicky is just in front of him and Aj is to the right in the black after just having thrown a rock into some deeper water. That activity kept him busy for a long time. There's something therapeutic about throwing rocks into water. And it's just plain fun too!
Down behind Cary is another path that goes along the river. Directly across the river is the city of Brisbane.

Nicky thoroughly enjoyed the rock throwing action as well!

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Too cute!