Friday, February 08, 2008

I love my kids!

I love the freedom that we have. I love getting up in the morning and being able to totally change our plans we'd made the day before because the weather is too beautiful and we'd rather go swimming or it's raining and we want to go to the library. Or just because someone has had a better idea.

I do want to make one day each week that the kids and I go into the city to explore the museums, art galleries, etc. We went to the state library last week with a really lovely unschooling group. The library had a large area with a good assortment of games to play including a huge snakes and ladders game that you had to walk on to play. In another section of the library, they had a long low table with lots of arts and crafts supplies to create with. There were also dress-up clothes, puppets, a dollhouse, computers with kids games on them and other fun things. We easily spent 5 hours there, because of all the interesting things to do and the wonderful company.

We do a lot of driving and I've got to say, I really enjoy driving with my kids. The conversations that come up can be so silly or interesting or warm and fuzzy. Chatting with my kids can make an hour long trip seem a whole lot shorter.

All of the children seem interested in maps. AJ loves collecting pamphlets on different tourist attractions that look interesting to him, or he thinks one of the rest of us would be interested in. These brochures usually have maps on them which he likes to figure out. Nicholas loves Dora the Explorer and loves simple maps like the one that she has. He sometimes find them in books. Sami has been interested in reading the big street directory and has been doing most of the navigating lately. She has a good sense of direction.

I really love my kids. I love my hubby. I love our life.


Tara said...

Isn't it amazing how many people don't feel this way?

Annette said...

Sad isn't it? The number of people that look shocked when I tell them we homeschool and say "Oh I could NEVER do that!".

It's so great to know people like YOU!